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A Resource for Every Individual, Business Owner, and Investor

Is retirement planning all about rates, reports, and fine print… or could there be a better approach to giving business owners the support they need?

That’s the question our founder, John Pickarski, started asking himself more than 25 years ago. As a newly-independent estate planning professional, he wanted to approach the business of managing money differently than what he had seen others doing. Experience working with clients had taught him the people he was serving didn’t need more financial products and services – they needed smarter ways to use and integrate the tools available to them.

It didn’t take long for his approach to catch on with executives. Word-of-mouth advertising brought a flood of new clients and John expanded into insurance with the goal of helping more people and leaving a larger legacy. Eventually, the firm got so busy that he recruited his son, Mike, away from a 10-year career in commercial banking to join the family business.

Mike brought a new perspective to their shared vision and the company picked up new partnerships and specialties (along with a new name). With each addition, the goal of providing a single hub of financial services and experience pulled closer.

Today, Pickarski Financial Group offers everything a growing or established business owner could need, including retirement planning, payroll and accounting, benefits administration, insurance, tax services, and so much more. But even more than our list of specialties and credentials, we are especially proud to give our clients and friends the advice and answers they need.

When you work with the Pickarski team, you aren’t dealing with a huge company. Instead, you’re doing business with a family firm that treats you like a friend and partner. We take our time, build relationships one at a time, and always put our clients first. It’s what’s allowed us to keep growing for 25+ years in Columbus, Springfield, and beyond. And, it’s what separates us from all the other accountants and money managers out there.

If you want experienced personal and business retirement planning – all under one roof – then you owe it to yourself to sit down with a member of our team. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.